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Classes with Rebbetzin Lauren Levin: 

15.5 - Yom Yerushalayim Special - Jerusalem - Principles, peace and power.

22.5 - Shavuot Special - Megillat Ruth - The power of a name

No class on 29.5

Classes with Rabbanit Leah Herzog:

5.6 - Beha’alotecha - The trials of caretaking.

12.6 - Shelach - The power of perspective.

19.6 - Korach - Kedusha lost and regained.

26.6 - Chukat-Balak - Red cows, staffs and a new generation.

3.7 - Pinchas - Covenants of peace.

10.7 - Matot-Masei - Unity in individualism.

£90; Per session: £12

Online only.  This course is for women only

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