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January to March

Chelkeinu Beis Medrash for Women

We look forward to learning with you. 

Please select from one of our tracks

Track 1: Tanach- dissolution of Bayis Rishon with Simi Peters.  (Beis Medrash on Friday + Shiur on Zoom on Wed evenings 20:00 - 21:15) 

Track 2: Halacha track for Rebbetzins and educators Rabbi Manning (Beis Medrash on Friday+ Shiur on Zoom on Monday evenings 19:30 - 21:00) 

Track 3: Text skills workshop - Kayin and Hevel (Beis Medrash + shiur during Beis Medrash time) 
Each track has 10 sessions @ Total cost: £80

For any further information or scholarships, please contact

Jewish Futures, NW4 3LP

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