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Zoom Chair Based Exercise Class

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Zoom Chair Based Exercise Class

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Zoom Chair Based Exercise Class
The class is daily at 11:00 am UK time and is ideal for older adults of all abilities, to improve your strength, balance, posture and mobility, no previous exercise history required. It’s also great for people with any kind of disabilities, as it’s mostly chair based. All you need is a chair, a few light weights. (cans or plastic bottles will do), and a medium sized soft ball. (Pillow or kitchen roll can do too) and an optional resistance band- if you have. 

Special offer for membership of  £30 per calendar month for one type of class 

FREE passes can be organised so you can try out the classes

For more information please contact

Neil Isaacson
BACPR Phase IV Exercise Professional
REPS Level 4 Personal Trainer
07515 109 318