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Rachel explores emotions BOOK

Book exploring emotions for young people

Rachel explores emotions 

We all feel emotions right? But what happens when our emotions feel to difficult to deal with.  Join Rachel as she explores, Worry, Anger, Self Esteem, Bullying and so much more.  Loads of activities and fun games which can help you to really get in touch with how you are feeling.  Written with the Jewish child in mind the book can help promote healthy relationships, understand emotions and feelings and has games and exercises which include breathing techniques and "what would you do" situations.  With common scenarios that our children face regularly and a fun easy to read format, the hope is that our children can learn to cope with difficult and stressful challenges. 

Available to buy on Amazon as a kindle book with this link: click here

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Paperback also available from author Please be in touch on 07581 376599 to pre order paperback. 

Forward by Rabbi Meir Rapoport ( Rav, Imrei Shefer Shul) and Mrs Gila Hackenbroch (Systemic Family Psychotherapist)