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Finding Light Through Loss     

Tuesday 20th February


Finding Light Through Loss                                                                                              
Free online event & exciting new project launch Tuesday 20th February  6:30pm UK     (8:30pm SA/Israel time)  
Please join us for a special event providing comfort, hope and chizuk in the face of challenges, grief and loss as we mark the first yartzeit of Lara Noik a"h Shulamis bas Ephraim Betzalel  
Hosted by Terry Rubenstein with  Rabbi Gershon Miller Shlita Rosh Mosdos Bais Yehudah, Detrot  (Formerly Mashgiach of Gatehead Yeshiva) and Leonard Carr Clinical Psychologist                                                             
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Finding Light Through Loss is a new project providing support and resources addressing grief and loss.                          
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