- Halochos of Fruits and Vegetables

Halochos of Fruits and Vegetables

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Halochos of Fruits and Vegetables

Around The Year In Halacha

This week's issue of "Around the Year in Halachah" deals with the halachos of Tu BiShvat.
Among the cases discussed are:

Which foods need to be checked for insects?

What degree of chance constitutes a mi’ut hamotzui?

May one eat an insect that can only be seen under a magnifying glass?

If one forgot to check for insects and blended or cooked a food that needed checking first, may one eat it now?

If one is about to eat peas and potatoes, which one should he make the berachah on?

Is there an order of priority for the berachos acharonos as there is for berachos rishonos?

Which berachah is made when sucking the juice out of an orange?

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Around The Year In Halachah

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