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Yad L'Olim Update 10/11

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Yad L'Olim Update 10/11



The Ministry of Health has made some progress on UK digital recovery certificates. They are now “verifiable” on the 24 hour Entry Form, you can produce a Green Pass and a permit to board, provided that you generate an NHS recovery certificate AFTER November 1.

If you are not successful in producing a green pass and entry permit after uploading a recovery certificate, please go to the

Yad L'Olim website at, complete the form, choose corona travel, and explain the issue. Our team will be in touch with you quickly.

BOTTOM LINE: If you have recovered in the UK in the last six months, please try the following

1. Go into your NHS app and generate a new digital recovery certificate. It will produce a new QR code for today. Save that recovery certificate to your computer.

2. Under recovery, enter the date you tested positive for COVID. It will be on your recovery certificate.

3. Upload the recovery certificate which ought to be “verified” by the form.

4. Proceed all the way through the form until the end of the form

5. Make sure you get an email with an entry permit to board and a green pass at the bottom of the email.

Please note that at present we cannot see a way that under 16 year olds can access recovery certificates in the UK 

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