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A new comprehensive English guide for Travel to Israel from January 2022

Click on the link below for a NEW WEBSITE set up by the Israel Ministry of Tourism



Take a PCR test in the 72 hours before the flight to Israel.

Alternatively, you can take a rapid (antigen) test in the 24 hours before the flight. The test must be administered by professional testers (no home test kits).  

You are required to present an official document attesting to your negative test result, along with your passport number. Tests of any other kind will not be accepted.

The following are exempt from the pre-flight PCR testing requirement (you will still be required to do the PCR test upon landing):

Those who stayed outside Israeli territories for less than 72 hours (from the moment of landing abroad to the moment of departure to Israel).

Those who recovered from COVID-19 and will present airline officials with a positive result on a PCR test that they took less than three months prior, on the condition that at least 11 days have passed since the date of the test.

Click here to read information from the Ministry of Health on the Israeli Goverment Website

the New  Ministry of Tourism Website includes information about:

Planning your trip

Entry Restrictions 

Documents Required

List of approved vaccines

If you have Recovered from Covid-19

How to apply to Exceptions committee

For a link to the article in the Jerusalem Post 10/01/22 

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