- Home made food in Israel

Home made food in Israel

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Home made food in Israel

delivery to most of Israel

Going to Israel?

Why not have a complete holiday?

Home-made food delivered to your door.
* Delicious 
* Beautifully presented
* Fresh
* Taste of home
* Only Mehadrin Hechsheirim used

Enjoy hosting guests without the work of all the preparation!
delivery available to most parts of Israel
Weekday / Shabbos / Yom Tov / Simchas

Now taking orders for  Succos 2023

Something Special

020 8150 3334 - UK
+972 (0)2 502 2730 - Israel
+972 (0)533 11 6 444 - Israel
+1 646 693 8894 - USA

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