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Anti fog cloth for glasses @ Gavzey's

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Anti fog cloth for glasses @ Gavzey's

8-12 hours of anti-fog protection: Price from only £6.99.

Are you looking for a solution to stop your glasses fogging up

The cold weather in combination with a face mask results in serious fogging of the lenses and it can be difficult and dangerous to not be able to see properly.

The anti-fog coated lenses are the best solution to this problem, however if you wish to continue wearing your current glasses, we recommend the anti-fog wipes.

You’ve got the choice of disposable individually wrapped wipes, great for carrying in your pocket or bag or the more economic and eco friendly choice of a reusable micro-fibre cloth which can be used up to 200 times and offers 8-12 hours of anti-fog protection. Price from only £6.99.

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