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What is Torah Live?

Torah Live is a fully-gamified, self-paced, online learning platform that brings the Torah and its lessons alive for children young and old.

We are a team of Rabbis, Hollywood scriptwriters, professional sound and film engineers, marketers, world class game designers and other professionals with a goal of translating every good character trait, halacha and important hashkafa into the language of our generation. We use stunning graphics, special effects, and top notch writing to produce a playlist of films, illustrations, off-line challenges, games, behind the scenes footage, and quizzes to make the Torah come alive for you and your family.

Optimally designed for 9-12 year old’s.

Our content was specifically developed to speak in the language of middle school and high school boys and girls, and to focus on the issues relevant in their lives.

Lots of Free Content 

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