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Pesach Meal Planners, Shopping And Equipment Lists

When it comes to Pesach, food, shopping and kitchen equipment is all a big deal. While most festivals and Shabbat meals can carry an element of complexity and tradition, when it comes to Pesach, absolutely everything we know and are used to food wise changes, adding a further layer of stress. Whether this is your first time or your fiftieth time making Pesach, precision and planning is key to a smooth and successful Yom Tov.

To make Pesach a little easier, Ta’am has compiled several downloadable resources that you can print off and use to help you make clear and concise shopping lists, ensure your kitchen is ready to roll and even a meal planner that will make working out what you need to cook for when an absolute breeze.

Pesach is only eight days, but if you’ve never made your own Passover food or you’ve always found this time of year unduly stressful, having a plan in place a little in advance will help calm your nerves.

As soon as Purim ends, we see many kosher shops switch over to Pesach products and that can often add to the stress as it feels like the starting whistles for preparations have begun. But remember, you can keep it simple and you don’t need to go overboard if you don’t want to or if it will stretch you financially. Our Pesach Kitchen Equipment List is extensive and thorough, but peruse it as a starting point to work out what you as an individual or family will truly need and use. Many people build up equipment over time, so don’t feel like you need everything on the list and look to supermarkets and online retailers for bargain equipment, as you will only use it for a week or two per year (depending on when you start your prep), so don’t feel that you need to splurge.

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