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Covenant and Continuity @ LSJS

starting 11th January

You can now book for  'Covenant and Continuity' Sefer Shemos

a weekly 45 minute shiur from different leading educators who will explore the ideas of Rabbi Sacks zt"l on the parasha.

With expert teachers developing and applying his thoughts further, this course is truly building Rabbi Sacks’ legacy, one parasha at a time

11.01.23 - Shemot Rabbi Johnny Solomon Encountering Angels

18.01.23 - Va’eira Rabbi Gideon Sylvester Was the Exodus Based on a Lie?

25.01.23 - Bo Rebbetzin Lauren Levin Approaching Evil 

01.02.23 - Beshallach Rabbi Johnny Solomon Don’t Look Back!

08.02.23 - Yitro Rebbetzin Lauren Levin When We Became a Nation

15.02.23 - Mishpatim Rabbi Gideon Sylvester Are There Many Legitimate Jewish Paths to God?

22.02.23 - Terumah Rabbi Johnny Solomon Building Our Home

01.03.23 - Tetzaveh Rebbetzin Lauren Levin Oil and Anonymity

08.03.23 - Ki Tisa Rabbi Gideon Sylvester “Jews Don’t Count” or Do They?

15.03.23 -  Vayakhel-Pekudei Joanne Greenaway Building a Team

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This course is free but booking is essential. This event is online only.

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