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Covenant and Continuity @ LSJS

Wednesday 7-7.45pm

FREE online course exploring and developing the ideas of Rabbi Sacks

starts on Wednesday 11th October  weekly with Sefer Bereishis

Free but booking is essential

Online only

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11.10     Bereshit: The First Murder - Rabbi Alex Israel

18.10     Noach: Individuals and Communities from Babel until Today - Rabbi Prof. Sam Lebens

25.10     Lech Lecha: Abraham's Moral Dilemmas - Dr Mijal Bitton

01.11     No session due to the event marking Rabbi Sacks’ Yahrzeit

08.11     Chayei Sara: Covenantal Family - Joanne Greenaway

15.11     Toldot: Followship and Great Leaders - Rabbi Ramon Widmonte

22.11     Vayetze: Prayer and our Patriarchs - Rabbi Aviad Tabory

29.11     Vayishlach - Happy High Status - Ilana Epstein

06.12     Vayeshev: Reuben: What might have been - Michael Rainsbury

13.12     Mikketz: Naming Menashe: What was Joseph thinking? - Rabbi Dr Dov Lerner

20.12     Vayigash: The Crescendo of the Joseph Story: The idea of ethical interpretation - Dr Miriam Feldmann Kaye

27.12     Vayechi: A Matter of Life and Death in Genesis - Rabbanit Yafit Clymer

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