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Covenant and Continuity @ LSJS

Wednesday evenings weekly 7-7.45

FREE online course exploring and developing the ideas of Rabbi Sacks

Wednesday evenings weekly 7-7.45pm Sefer Shemos

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31.1  Yitro: A Compromise with Moses? - Rabbi Gideon Sylvester

7.2  Mishpatim: The Anticlimax of Daily Life? - Rabbi Daniel Epstein

14.2  Terumah: God is in the Details - Dr Lindsay Simmonds

21.2  Tetzaveh: The Holiness of Beauty - Joanne Greenaway

28.2 Ki Tisa: On Building and Breaking - Gila Sacks

6.3  Vayakhel:  Building Great Teams - Rabbi Jeremy Bruce

13.3  Pekudei: Holy Places and Holy Time - Rabbi Michael Pollak

20.3  Purim: How Jews Win - Michael Rainsbury

27.3  Intro to Sefer Vayikra: (Leviticus): The Space We Make for God - Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum

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