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Darlands Nature Reserve

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Darlands Nature Reserve

Totteridge Lane Whetstone N20

Darlands Nature Reserve

This is a quiet, secluded spot with a great deal of natural history interest. The lake was originally developed as an ornamental lake for a nearby country house and it was later used as a duck decoy. It is totally encircled by woodland, which hides it from view from the rest of the countryside. The combination of habitats provides good nesting conditions for a range of wildfowl, including mallards and moorhen that nest each year. Kingfishers visit occasionally. The lake supports common frogs, toads and smooth newts; twelve species of dragonfly have been recorded, included black, ruddy and common darters; fish include carp, Rudd and a variety of goldfish.

Darlands Nature Reserve has no car park and parking in local roads is limited. 

The nearest underground stations are Totteridge and Whetstone and Mill Hill East both are on the High Barnet branch of the Northern Line.

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