- Zichru February 2021

Zichru February 2021

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Zichru February 2021

Try it out with the 14 day challenge!

Amaze yourself with how much you'll remember.
And experience Daf Yomi on a completely new level.
If you have ever felt discouraged or frustrated trying to retain more from the Daf, then Zichru is for you. We use the traditional method of Simanim to help lomdei Daf Yomi make a kinyan on the Daf. Our members from all over the world are able to recall the topics on any Daf that they’ve learned in seconds, and can review multiple dapim in minutes by memory. You don’t have to be super smart, you don’t need to have a great memory, and you don’t need to spend hours a day reviewing. Just a willingness to try something new that will dramatically increase your return on investment that you’re already putting into the Daf.

Zichru will literally transform your life as you tap into potential you never knew you had. Enjoy the empowering feeling of being able to cite any daf in Shas in seconds, no matter when you've learned it. Try it out with the 14 day challenge!

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