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Shomrim NW London have responded locally to multiple incidents in the past few days, where masked / hooded suspects have tried and in some cases succeeded in gaining entry to properties.

Although not all criminals work with the same modus operandi, we have noticed a pattern recently which we feel is our duty to make the community aware. 

Many of these incidents have been early evening between 6-9pm. We believe they have worked as a gang. One criminal knocks on the front door to ascertain if anyone is in, whilst others wait in a getaway car nearby. If there is no answer after knocking several times the criminals assume the house is empty and break in via the front or back door. We believe this gang are predominantly targeting the safe and come equipped with tools to remove it.

They specifically knock and do not ring as they are aware that the “ring” doorbells are connected to the owners mobile phone and they can answer the intercom remotely even if they are not home. If the door is answered the suspect claims to have got the wrong address and walks back to the get away vehicle. (Please look out for the car make, model and VRM)

If you do hear a suspicious knock on your door, we strongly advise the below.

1. Do not to open the door before knowing who is at your door. (Request ID if necessary)
2. If you are unsure, switch the lights off and on and then go upstairs and converse safely through a window.
3. If you are not expecting anyone and this scenario occurs please contact the Police and Shomrim NW immediately. 

If this has happened to you and you or your neighbours have CCTV please save this footage and hand over to Police and Shomrim NW.

With long winter nights upon us Shomrim advise the community to take the following precautions to avoid becoming a victim of crime;

- Ensure your front and rear windows / doors are secured at night or if you are out with an additional lock.

- It is advisable to keep the front, side and back of your property well lit at night.

- Please check your alarm system / CCTV is in working order, the correct date and time and recording mode is ON.

Most importantly please look out for your neighbours and report any suspicious activity immediately to Shomrim by calling our 24 hr hotline 0300 999 1234 and the Police on 999.


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