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To make a real difference to the prevention, diagnosis, and management of Jewish genetic disorders by raising awareness and facilitating access to the best available information, services and support for those affected and at risk.


To increase awareness and understanding of Jewish genetic disorders among affected families, patient groups, healthcare professionals, the Jewish and wider community.

To improve access to the best available information, services, and support relating to Jewish genetic

To facilitate access to responsible and professional testing services for people at risk of passing on, and those directly affected by, Jewish genetic disorders.


The following core principles guide the way in which Jnetics works:

Accessible to all

Our information and services will be available to anyone affected by or interested in Jewish genetic disorders – across all sectors of the Jewish community and wider population.

Informative not directive

We work to ensure that our information is as accurate as possible, provided impartially and without judgement – supporting people to move forward in any way that best helps their personal circumstances and beliefs.

Progress through collaboration

We collaborate with professional and patient groups for the benefit of all involved and ultimately for the benefit of patients and their families.

*This offer is available 02/08/21 Check the website to see if it is still available

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