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Sunday 21st November 6pm


Israel produces World’s First 3D Bioprinted And Cultivated Ribeye Steak  

Webinar on the first steak without the use—aor, many say, abuse—of a living, breathing animal.
Cultivated and  slaughter-free Ribeye steak anyone? Tasty and sustainable!
Aleph Farms grows beef steaks, from non-genetically
engineered cells isolated from a living cow, without harming
animals and with a significantly reduced impact to the
environment. The company was co-founded in 2017 by
Didier Toubia, The Kitchen Hub of the Strauss Group, and
Professor Shulamit Levenberg from the Biomedical
Engineering Faculty at the Technion - Israel Institute of
Technology. Aleph Farms released the world's first
cultivated steak in December 2018 and the world's first
cultivated ribeye steak in 2021. The company's vision is to
provide unconditional nutrition for anyone, anytime,

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