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New Rules for Entry to Israel

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New Rules for Entry to Israel


New Rules on Entry to Israel from Visa-Exempt Countries

Israel announced a change in rules for travel to Israel.

These rules apply to visitors to Israel from visa-exempt countries. Visitors from countries for which a visa is required for travel to Israel must still obtain a visa as before. The new rule also does not apply to Israeli citizens or holders of an Israeli identity number.

The application is  free during the trial period (July 2024) 

Visa lasts for 2 years 

More info at and application (after eligibility check) at 

Starting from August 2024, visitors from visa-exempt countries are required to obtain an ETA-IL (Electronic Travel Authorization) to enter the State of Israel. A holder of an ETA-IL is permitted to travel to Israel and stay for up to 90 days per visit.

The ETA-IL will be valid for a two-year period, for multiple  trips of 90 days or less within that period. If any single visit will be for more than 90 days, a request for an extension of that stay must be submitted.

All visitors to Israel must have a valid visa or ETA-IL approval before they start their trip. The application for the ETA-IL may be submitted any time prior to travel, but it is recommended that it be submitted at least 72 hours before making any other travel arrangements (tickets, lodging, etc.)

The application will first inform the applicant whether they are eligible for an ETA-IL, based on their country of origin. There are then a few basic questions to answer, and a fee of 25 NIS is charged. 

A response will be received within 24-72 hours, and sometimes within a few minutes.

The ETA-IL system will open for applications starting June 1, 2024, as a pilot program for holders of American and German passports only. 

During this pilot phase, submission of an application will be voluntary and exempt from fees. The system will be open to holders of other passports from July 1st, 2024. 

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