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Do you have a Shaila? Federation Shaila Text is here to help you

ShailaText – ‎+44 7403 939613

The Federation’s ShailaText facility was set up in June 2015 as a service for the entire kehillah.

ShailaText is dedicated in memory of Dayan Gershon Lopian zt”l, a long-serving Rov of the Edgware Yeshurun and a Dayan of the Federation, who made himself available to answer shailos day and night and warmly encouraged the whole community to ask questions.

The ShailaText service was never intended to take the place of someone having their own Rov, someone who knows and understands them and with whom they have an ongoing relationship. However, for people who for whatever reason have not yet managed to establish such a figure in their lives, or who are not able to reach their own Rov, it’s crucial that other avenues exist for them to find answers to their shailos.

ShailaText guarantees to respond to shailos within four working hours. When an SMS is sent to the ShailaText number, it is received by an administrator who ascertains the general topic of the question. Certain shailos are immediately directed to the correct department in the Federation, for example a query on the kashrus of a particular product will go to the Kashrus Department, and a more intricate shaila in Choshen Mishpot would be forwarded to the Beis Din (although as a general rule, such shailos are beyond the scope of the service to respond to in their complexity).

Where the shailos received by the service are very complicated with far-reaching ramifications, the ShailaText team is fortunate to have the full backing of the Federation Beis Din – they meet regularly with Rav Zimmerman, Rov of the Federation and Av Beis Din, and refer shailos to him whenever necessary.

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