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Doctors of North West London Community Letter

12th January 2021

Community Update 12th January 2021

The national vaccination programme brings with it hope that, be’ezras HaShem, we will soon be able to return to normal times, and we really encourage anyone eligible to have the vaccination.

However, as you will no doubt be aware, we now have very high levels of coronavirus in our area. Many members of our community have been admitted to hospital recently and several to intensive care, including people in their thirties.

We beseech the community to be vigilant at this time. Please be careful in shops to maintain social distancing and wear masks. Please ensure that all shuls stringently adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines, including social distancing, ventilation and mask wearing.

We urge the community not to have gatherings for simchos at the moment, as the levels of infection are particularly high and unfortunately there can be direct risk to people’s lives. A third of people with the infection don’t know they have it, and at the current time up to one in fifteen people locally is actively carrying the virus and infectious.

The government has closed schools to prevent transmission between children which then continues the spread through the adults of the community. On site school provision is currently considered high risk. Attendance must be kept to an absolute minimum and limited only to those genuinely eligible and with absolutely no alternative.

Let’s do everything we can to protect and support each other in these difficult times, which hopefully will be coming to an end soon.

Dr Walter Abelman
Dr Yossi Adler
Dr Charlotte Benjamin
Dr Talia Ezra
Dr Jacob De Wolff
Dr Chayim Freed
Dr Lyann Gross
Dr Anthony Gubbay
Dr Melissa Holz
Dr Dina Kaufman
Dr Mike Markiewicz 
Dr Dean Noimark 
Dr Yaakov Opat 
Dr Joanna Rees 
Prof Stuart Rosen 
Dr Frazer Rosenberg 
Dr Benji Schreiber 
Dr Mark Semler 
Dr David Spitzer 
Dr Yossi Spitzer

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