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daily fresh kosher meals to Jewish patients in hospitals

Bedside Kosher provides daily fresh kosher meals and snacks to Jewish patients in hospitals and institutions in and around London – free of charge.
Since 1968, only frozen meals with a shelf-life of up to 1 year have been formally provided to hospitals in the UK, whilst other patients are given fresh daily meals, including breakfast, and snacks.

For patients in hospitals it can be a very stressful time. For Jewish patients this can be exacerbated by having no access to fresh kosher food or snacks. Our aim is to help alleviate their suffering by providing fresh nutritious kosher food and snacks to patients and their family members during their stay in hospital.

We are committed to customising our meals to individual patients’ needs, as well as to the particular day they’ll be served on (like Shabbat or the Jewish New Year, for example). This matters a great deal to Jewish patients, who feel less alone, knowing that even in hospital, they’re eating exactly the same special dishes everyone else is having, back home.

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