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WhatsApp Hacking Scam

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WhatsApp Hacking Scam

Do not send anyone a code It is a SCAM

A new WhatsApp hack is doing the rounds which could allow hackers access to all of your messages and private conversations.

The hackers can pose as your friends or family in an attempt to get access to your account, they can then use your profile to attack other users.

This is what you need to look out for.  See an example in the picture above

The scam involves a hacker, having already gained access to the account of someone in your contacts list, messaging you. At first glance, it’ll appear normal, with messages looking like they’re coming from that person.

At some point while messaging this person, you might receive a text containing a six digit verification number, which WhatsApp sends you whenever you try to log in or make changes to an account.

This is happening because the hacker is trying to access your account.

The person pretending to be your friend will then say that they accidentally sent that six digit code to the wrong number, and ask you to tell them what it is.

If you do, the hacker will be able to access your account, and you will lose it. They will also then be able to repeat the cycle with the people in your contacts list.

There have also been reports of users getting messages from fake WhatsApp Technical Team.

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