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Kehilla Cost of living Study

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Kehilla Cost of living Study

approved by Rav YM Greenberg Shlita

We are all too aware of the current cost of living crisis, which is significantly impacting the frum community.

At the request of local Rabbonim, approved by Rabbi YM Greenberg Shlita, a group of Askonim are trying to work on solutions.

To that end an important study is being conducted over the next few weeks to obtain a clearer understanding of basic financial requirements within the Jewish community of North West London.

Significant effort and expense is being invested to ensure accurate data collection.

To acheive this we are actively seeking participants for a number of research groups.

Participation will involve general discussions about people's needs, and will not focus on any personal finances.

We are seeking both men and women to kindly volunteer, with one participant per family.

For those who prefer, separate groups are available.

Participants will receive payment for taking part.

To register your interest in participating, please click on the link provided, and someone will be in touch with you.

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Anyone who would like to register via the phone can call or text 07897 017 251

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