- Electric Scooters and the law

Electric Scooters and the law

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Electric Scooters and the law

Check the latest guidance from the Police

Legal use of an e-scooter

It is legal to use an e-scooter:

on private land with the permission of the land owner

when the trial comes in, it will be legal to use the rental e-scooters, from specific companies on the road

Click here to read the guidance from the Metropolitan Police

Enforcement focused on private e-scooters

Prior to and during the trial, enforcement will be focused on private e-scooters. The most appropriate action for the circumstances will be given, these include:

a Fixed Penalty Notice for no insurance, with a £300 fine and six penalty points

a Fixed Penalty Notice for no driving licence, up to £100 fine and three-six penalty points

Rider behaviour

Police will also take action against rider behaviour, whether private or rental. Offences could include:

riding on the footway: Fixed Penalty Notice and possible £50 fine

using a mobile phone: £100 and six penalty points

riding through red lights: Fixed Penalty Notice, £100 fine and possible penalty points

drink driving offences: As with driving cars; court imposed fines, driving ban and possible imprisonment

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